Third Horizon Podcast

I’m starting a new Apple podcast series called the Third Horizon to share between us how to build back better, greener and more socially just, in this important year 2021.

So much is going on: transforming ourselves towards a circular economy, bringing on stream new technologies and business models to enable this; creating ESG strategies that investors will find credible; and deciding on meaningful metrics – all while we get ready for a new phase of working together after the pandemic.

If you’re a business or sustainability leader – in the private or public sector, a start up, or an interested academic researcher ’d love to invite you to share how you’re meeting the key challenges on these issues, how they integrate into your strategy, what potential you see if we get this right – and how you’re seeing this journey unfolding and what leadership is called for if we’re going to make net zero by 2030….

So we can all learn together!

We can’t make all the interesting webinars we’d like to. Perhaps a podcast gives us a bit more space and flexibility.

If you’d like to be a contributor to this podcast, either as an interviewee or have a written contribution included, please get in touch.

Listen to the intro: