Third Horizon Podcast

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Welcome to a new podcast that hopes to share inspiration, experience and insight to support building back better in this important year 2021.

So much is going on: the world is transforming towards a circular economy; new technologies and new business models are coming on stream; investors are seeking credible signs of progress…Can we learn from the visionaries out there? How do they see the way towards a new economy which is greener, and more socially just? What kind of leadership is called for?

If you’re a business or sustainability leader from any sector, I’d love to invite you to share what you see on your horizon, and how you’re preparing to meet the challenge.

EP.3. Top female architect behind the future of our cities Third Horizon

Rachel Bell, director of leading architectural practice based in the west of England cares deeply about community, climate change, diversity and bringing authenticity and joy to work. Her practice has also become the first top UK practice to become a BCorp.
  1. EP.3. Top female architect behind the future of our cities
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