Systemic Consultant, Coach, Social Entrepreneur.

Society and regulators are waking up to multiplying emergencies: health, climate, biodiversity, economic. A regenerative approach is a rigorous approach to understanding how creating value can be sustained into our uncertain future.

If you’re a business I will help you turn the need to invest in monitoring and measuring to comply with coming regulation into an opportunity. A regenerative approach turns measurement into a way of tapping into new value at every stage in the value chain. And it puts your customers’ desire to thrive and create value in their own lives or with their own customers, at the heart of your strategy.

If you are a public service you’ll want want local citizens, local communities to thrive. The focus is again value. I have facilitated and participated in many local planning processes. Conventional engagement rarely builds in a process to surface and codify what local people find meaningful, yet this is the source, the value that wants to regenerate. I will help you tap into this source so as to discover a fresh purpose and energy for ‘place’ that citizens and communities co-create together.

This approach derives from a deep understanding of how Nature works: the fundamental principles that enable growth, and create thriving ecosystems. We are Nature after all.

My Background

I have supported senior leaders in leading large-scale change across across Europe and in the US for more than 20 years. Clients include RWE/Innogy in Europe, NPower in the UK, Essent in the Netherlands, Pacific Gas and Electric in the USA, Marks & Spencer, Rolls Royce, the Welsh Government, the Ministry of Defence (UK), Santander Bank and the Church of England.

My clients describe me as empathetic, a close listener, a support at their shoulder but also as unflinchingly challenging.

I have many qualifications in facilitation (University of Surrey), in sustainability (University of Cambridge), in coaching and coaching supervision (Leeds Metropolitan University) but my wake-up call was training last year with Regenesis in the US, pioneers of 30 years work in regeneration. Their care for life, its fragility as well as its potential is supported by rigorous whole-system frameworks. I am now combining all I have learned about leading successful change, across a variety of new and challenging regenerative projects.